How Does It Work?

Here is a list of the most common questions our customers ask.

“So I’m interested in knowing more. Should I contact you?”

Please do! Send us an email with a phone number and if you prefer one of us can call you back, or even arrange a quick Skype chat where we talk about what you’re hoping for from your song, as well as the nature of the celebration, deadline etc.

“How are you going to write me a song?”

Once we’ve discussed your song with you and asked the questions that we need to ask, we will have a good idea of the musical style, personal lyrical content, and general direction of your special song. We will of course contact you if we feel we need any more detail.

One of us will begin writing the song and recording will commence though we have a team of highly talented musicians who will often all contribute to the song to get the best possible results. Once we have a near finished song, we will email you a provisional mix to listen to and check that you’re happy. Once satisfied, we’ll apply the final touches and deliver your finished product!

“How long will it take to write my song? I need it tomorrow!”

This varies though we usually deliver a song within 7 days of the order being agreed including writing, recording and mixing. However, we can sometimes do it quicker – get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

“Can I provide my own words?”

You certainly can – if you’ve written some words or a poem for a loved one and would like us to set that to music, it would be our pleasure to do so. HOWEVER! This must be your original material because we cannot use other people’s copyrighted material. Therefore we would ask you to sign a disclaimer beforehand, where you agree that the material is legally yours to use.

“I don’t actually want my song to have any words at all. Is that a problem?”

Not at all. We’ve written lots of instrumental music over the years and enjoy doing so. Piano, guitar, strings, beautiful soundscapes – drop us a line and we can discuss what you have in mind.

“On what format will I receive my song?”

All customers receive their completed song as a 320kb MP3 file. This has excellent sound quality and is perfect for public performance, online and mobile device usage.

If you require something a little extra special such as a CD, musical score or framed/printed lyrics then let us know and we’ll discuss this with you though please remember these additional extras will incur an extra cost!

“Who gets copyright of my song?”

We at own and retain the full copyright of each personalised song. We do however, give you full permission to create copies for your own enjoyment. We also upload all songs to our YouTube and Soundcloud channels and generate a link for you to share online with your friends and family. In fact we encourage it!


Don’t see yours? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your question.